Lady Crimson Tide (clynne) wrote in healthyfoodie,
Lady Crimson Tide

Back on the wagon...

Apparently foie gras + cheese for dinner, and Ritter Sport for breakfast, make you gain weight! Who knew? So I'm trying to lose six lbs., and getting experimental with the low-cal food again. This was breakfast, and is only 6 points. remember to shake the wasabi oil vigorously or it's just canola oil.

1. Make the base salad:
- greens with dill
- 2 oz avocado
- hard-boiled egg
- tomato
- salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper. LOTS of salt.
- lime juice

2. Plate the salad.

3. Make the tuna:
- 3 oz tuna
- lime juice
- 1 tsp wasabi oil

4. Arrange the tuna on top of or around the salad.
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